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As Fiduciaries we take great pried in our ability to tailor our advice to your specific needs.


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High Point Insurance Solution has several locations throughout the country and HPIS is growing everyday.

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Retirement Planning

What is your financial retirement goal?
At what age would you like to retire?
What is your debt income ratio?
Do you have a legacy plan in place?

Estate Planning

Why do I need an estate planning?
What happens if I die without a will?
What age do I need to begin my estate planning?
Is estate planning expensive?

Pension Maximization

Will Pension Maximization work for me?
Should I get joint or single?
How does pension maximization work?
What does layering policies mean?

Life Insurance

Do I need Life Insurance?
Would my spouse and children be able to maintain the same standard of living when if I were to die?
Who carries the financial burden of my final expenses?


How do annuities work?
What types of annuities are there?
Should I invest in an annuity?
Are there fees associated with annuities?

Client – Relationship Based Firm

High Point Insurance Solution is a a client-relationship based Firm. Our team, driven by honesty and integrity, possesses decades of in-depth expertise. We provide tailored solutions based on client needs and goals.


Soar to the Apex

High Point Insurance Solution offers an exciting workplace that creates pillars within it’s local communities. HPIS is looking for diligent, hard working, talented professionals that are ready to help families optimize their financial futures as well help create a stronger middle class.


Advantages & Disadvantages of a Structured Settlement Annuity

A structured settlement annuity is a tool that helps a claimant ensure that the funds from a settlement will be available in the future. While there are many positive aspects about structured settlements, a wise settlement planner will balance a claimant’s expectations…


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