High Point Insurance Solution is a distinguished boutique-style firm with a big company feel. We’re committed to providing financial professionals with the tools they need to be successful. In today’s ever-changing industry, this means unparalleled education, outstanding service, and unique opportunities. With 44 offices and counting, we are continuously seeking professionals to help build flagship offices throughout the US.

HPIS believes in taking a holistic view of an agent’s practice. We understand that a successful business is created by properly managing all aspects. That’s why we created Apex Marketing – to help you reach the financial summit step by step. Our strategy will help you navigate the industry through a concise and proven marketing methodology.

Company Culture

High Point Solution is a client-relationship based Insurance Agency. In addition to providing tailored advice based on our client’s needs, we continuously update our insurance products to maintain a selection of A-rated carriers. Our team possesses decades of in-depth expertise and is driven by honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of industry literacy. Every agent is required to complete a rigorous training process as well as maintain annual education requirements for the respective regulatory agencies and internal compliance.

  • Lead Generation & Current Client Marketing

    We customize our lead generation solutions to your business. Ask us about our qualified appointment system and our top-notch seminar program that includes a dynamic presentation crafted by a multi-million dollar producer.
    Current clients are the easiest source of generating new business, credibility and stability for your practice. We have designed different strategies to make 40/ 30/ 30 model successful :
    40% of the business is from brand new clients;
    30% of the business is from client referrals; and
    30% of business is from existing clients who are making second and third purchases.

  • Products & Education/Training

    Products are an incredibly important vehicle to help clients reach their goals. They are the means to the solutions you offer and because of that, having the right products in your arsenal can make all the difference. Understanding the offerings, the strength of the carriers and having the backing of some of the most powerful distribution channels in the nation are crucial to an agent’s success.

    Entry level agents will market simple, straightforward products so that they can build a foundation of clients. Some of these products include Final Expense, Mortgage Protection and Medicare Supplements. As our brokers progress and add more arrows to their quivers, they will begin to market more complex products such as: Cash Value Life, Annuities, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, etc.

    Keeping your axe sharp is one of the most important things you can do to stay vibrant in our ever-changing industry. High Point Insurance Solution’s top producers view Training and Education as a crucial element to their success. They are constantly learning new products, new sales techniques and new strategies in order to keep ahead of the competition. As a matter of fact, our records show that our top 10 producers attend a minimum of 8 different training events each year. These trainings are a combination of HPIS Events, Industry Expos, and Conference Calls or Webinars.

  • Sales Ideas & Back-Office Support

    It’s important to be relevant in today’s ever-changing market. That is why we are committed to bringing you the most current and innovative sales ideas. We pride ourselves in devoting time to consistently nurturing a creative and collaborative environment. This generates sales ideas from both our brokers and executives. We live and work in a fluid niche industry that thrives on creativity. Out of the box thinking develops opportunities to generate new revenue streams and mutually beneficial relationships. At High Point Insurance Solution, we believe that all you have to do is write it and send it in. We’ll do the rest! From your initial quote to your commission check – we have a strong centrally located team of professionals dedicated to making sure that your accounts run smoothly:
    • Express – Your Sales Support Team
    • Your Own Contact Management System
    • Case Management – Unparalleled Service!
    • Custom Marketing and Creative Services
    • Compliance Review and Revamps
    • Impeccable Carrier Relationships
    • Real-time Industry Updates

  • Branding & Next Level Marketing

    Our brand is our identity. It’s important to understand what our brand says about you, our practice, as well as how people perceive the brand. The brand has to be true to who we are and how we conduct business for people to believe in and embrace. Our marketing and creative team is here to serve you!
    High Point Insurance Solution has several relationships with vendors, businesses, non-profits, colleges etc. that provide platforms for us to brand as an organization as well as individuals. Most firms, boutique or corporate, invest heavily on the brand and the brand alone – not the employees! Our brokers are the face of High Point Insurance Solution so establishing them as pillars within the community is equally as important as establishing the logo.


  • Compensation & Special Focus

    Every business has its own unique characteristics and specialties that make it thrive. We understand that you need to make your marketing solutions fit in with all aspects of what you do, and sometimes that takes some creative thinking. Nothing in this industry is cookie cutter; from the right products for your clients to the right strategies.

    Why is compensation important? As if we need to ask! It allows you to maintain your lifestyle, enjoy your hobbies, and provide security. It can be financial, emotional, entertainment and more. But here at High Point Insurance Solution, compensation is about valuing our relationship with our agents. Because of this we have many different incentives and we tailor the way we reward you so that it’s your choice. Ask us about our top producer incentives such as:

    • “Marketing Rewards Money” Program
    • “Referral Reward” Program
    • Carrier Trips and Perks
    • Custom Incentives