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We offer a client-relationship based Insurance Firm.

Your representative lives where they work and is a proactive member of the community. You might see them at the grocery store, sporting event, non-profit fundraiser, or at the beach! They know all of their clients by name and provides an annual assessments in person to ensure that you stay on track to meet your goals.

Wealth is achieved by making smart financial decisions on a daily basis. Investing your money through the proper vehicles will provide a solid foundation of clarity in order for you to make informed decisions. Contact us to see what product are suitable to your needs and goals.

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The biggest question that many Americans ask themselves is, “When should I start saving for retirement?” Retirement might be decades away, but it is important to start saving today, even if it is a small amount. Even if you didn’t begin saving in your 20’s it is still not too late to start saving for your retirement. The future is not set in stone, and we are not able to know what the cost of living will be in 10, 20, or even 30 years from now.

We are not aware of the outlook for Social Security either, and this is why beginning to save today is of utmost importance. The important aspect of retirement planning is to begin the habit of saving money no matter how large or small the amount. As time goes on, hopefully, the habit of saving will take hold. As more time goes on you will also begin to see that your investment will increase and will start to show value. You have worked hard all your life to meet the demands of the world, and retirement is the time that you enjoy your hard work. You are worth it!


Estate Planning allows you to decide who will receive your assets when you die. Estate planning is the process of anticipating the outcome of a person’s estate. We offer numerous products that will help you prepare for the inevitable.

Some forms of estate planning include creating a will, limiting estate taxes, establishing a guardian, naming an executor, setting up funeral arrangement, and many more.


Pension Maximization is a life insurance strategy that has been around for years. Pension Maximization is used in conjunction with pension plans such as 401(k)s. Many plan participants (50 years or older) who are looking to retire typically have to make an election (benefits they will use) prior to their retirement. Pension Maximization usually involves the choice of life insurance and some kind of joint or survivor benefit.


Life insurance is one of the cornerstones of financial safety and should be thought about by every family household. If you have anyone that is dependent on you such as a spouse or children, then it is a good decision to have life insurance in case of the unexpected. Life insurance can help your family prepare the financial consequences that could happen from your loss by lessen financial burdens and provide valuable peace of mind for the policyholder.

There are two main types of life insurance, Whole or term life, and permanent life insurance. High Point Solution will help you make the best decision for your future. Call today!


Annuities offer a unique investing option that can provide security and peace of mind during your retirement years. However, annuities are sold by life insurance companies and are a form of life insurance because they provide a death benefit. The product differs from traditional life insurance because life insurance protects your family if you die too soon while annuities keep you safe if you live too long. Annuities come in different options such as:


Fixed annuities are essentially CD-like investments issued by insurance companies. Like CDs, they pay guaranteed rates of interest, in many cases higher than bank CDs.

Fixed annuities can be deferred or immediate. The deferred variety accumulate regular rates of interest, and the next kind makes fixed payments – determined by your age and size of your annuity – during retirement.

The convenience and predictability of a set payout make a fixed annuity an attractive option for retirees who want a known income stream to supplement their other retirement income.


A variable annuity is a tax-deferred retirement vehicle that allows you to choose from a selection of investments and then pays you a level of income in retirement is determined by the performance of the investments you want.


Medicare is a federal health insurance for those 65 years or older. Medicare supplement insurance is insurance sold by private companies which help you pay for medical costs that the Original Medicare does not cover such as deductible, copayments, and coinsurance.

However, there are Medicare supplements that help cover the cost left over from the original Medicare. These supplements vary from state to state, and two of the major features you need to look at are price and quality. High Point Solutions understands the trends in the Medicare supplement enrollment.


Purchasing a home is a huge milestone for many Americans, and is one of the most important and expensive decisions that you can make in your lifetime. Every American takes the time to vote out the perfect location, bid on the house, and the numerous inspections that take place before you even get the keys to your humble abode.

What happens if you lose your job? If you become ill unexpectedly? What if you become disabled? What if you suddenly pass away? These are all situations that we do not want to face, but they could happen. Who will make the monthly mortgage payment if these situations arise? Mortgage Protection Insurance runs the term of your mortgage.


It is human nature to not worry about an event until it happens. However, the reality is that sooner or later someone you know or you are going to need long-term care. Whether it is assisted living facility, continuing care retirement, nursing home, or home care. It is not a pleasant thought to think about the possibility of losing your independence, the loss of good health, or using up assets. However, planning for the event of needing long-term care is a proactive stance on becoming elderly. Long-term care gives you assistance with the everyday task that you can no longer do and provides security and reliability in a time that is so precious.